Fees and Payment Options

Before you even pay for your resume, you get a chance to see what we can do for you. We do not expect payment until you review your first draft. We are committed to creating happy customers.

Once you are satisfied with the first draft, during a telephone conversation we ask for your credit card number so we can process your payment through Square, a highly secure service. Once it is processed, you get a receipt from Square as well as one from us (for your tax records). We also accept PayPal and personal checks under special circumstances.

  • Resumes  $100 for one-page resumes.

  • Cover Letters  $75 for cover letters, which can be tweaked for various jobs at no extra cost.

  •  LinkedIn Profiles  $50 for a LinkedIn review or to set up an account for you. 

  • Interview Coaching  $100 for a job interview consultation.